Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Built Environment is moving.

I have started working on moving this blog over to a Wordpress format with its own domain. However, there is the rub. Both the domains for The Built Environment, and just Built Environment are taken. So I am trying to figure out a good domain name. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...


invisiblebees said...

Why not just integrate the blog with the vignette studios site? Regular blog posts and any incoming links you inspire would make great Google juice for you, too.

Terence C. Hoaglund, ASLA said...


I like lots of those names! Thanks for the tips.

Terence C. Hoaglund, ASLA said...


I have thought about that idea as well. On the immediate front, I didn't create that website, and don't have the files, though I am working on obtaining them, since I am consolidating webservers.

More importantly, the main reason I want to keep them separate, is I am not all that certain how long the Vignette website will even be around given the current state of affairs, or if it will change names, merge with someone else, or what all. Some point down the road when as is well with the world again, I might revisit that strategy. I am incorporating blogs into my other websites though. Some items will be cross posted, with this particular one staying my main blog.